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Colour Photocopier Repairing Course

Colour Photocopier Repairing Course

KCTI India’s No.1 Photocopier Repairing Training Institute, Providing Advance Colour Photocopier Repairing Training Course with 100% Practical, 100% Job Support, 100% Self Employment Support, Life Time Backup Support, Live practical on Various Brand & Model, Free Study Materials, Free Tool Kit & Hostel for Outsider. We require only interest and no age bar anybody can learn Colour Photocopier Repairing Training Course with just basic knowledge. 10th, 12th, Graduate or Working Professionals can Join Regular, Weekend & Fast Track Classes. No Prior Technical Education Required.

In Advance Digital Colour Photocopier Engineering Training Course we provide the students most up-to-date, high tech and comprehensive with 100% Live Practical in depth training in all aspects of Colour Photocopier Theory, Maintenance, Service and Repair for a career as a Expert Colour Photocopier Technician. Colour Photocopier Technician Course is divided into three parts : Theory, Practical and Practice. In practical we teach various brand and model of Colour Photocopier Machine Chip Level Repairing. Colour Photocopier Repair Training Courses was taught by well experienced faculties with both technical and field knowledge. With the help of institute many students has been successfully completed their training. We are very proud to inform that most of students after successfully completed their training. They was self employed and situated in many reputed organization.

In addition we have Technical Students Community for Colour Photocopier Repairing in our forum with the help of all students can view and share the knowledge. And also they can rectify their doubts which mean 100% backup support for lifelong even after completing their Training.

We are assured that this Job Oriented / Vocational / Skill Training program overall package helps them to be make an Expert Engineer. Because we are not teaching them we are implanting the technology in the mind of students.

Advance Colour Photocopier Engineering Course

  • Course Code : ACPEC
  • Course Name : Advance Colour Photocopier Engineering Course
  • Batch Type : Special   ∣∣   Regular   ∣∣   Weekend
  • Course Duration : 1 Month   ∣∣   3 Months   ∣∣   6 Months
  • Time : Weekly 6 Days   ∣∣   Weekly 4 Days   ∣∣   Weekly 2 Days
  • Course Contacted Language : Bengali or Hindi or English.
  • Course Type : Diploma or Certificate.
  • Course Available : Direct or Online.
Course Covered :
  • Colour Photocopier Use, History, Principles of Operation and Theory. Thermal Processes and Electro-Mechanical Operations.
  • Basic Electricity, Electronics, Boards and Other Components testing Logic and Digital Multi Meter Using.
  • All Troubleshooting and Chip Level Repairing of Various Brand & Model Colour Photocopier Machine.
  • All Phases, Functions, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Components.
  • Full Disassembly and Reassembly of Various Brand & Model Digital Colour Photocopier.
  • Practical on Xerox, Canon, Sharp, Ricoh, Toshiba, Kyocera, Konica Minolta etc. Colour Photocopier Machine.
  • Computer Fundamentals & Home Networking.
Exclusive Course Learning Includes :
  • Colour Photocopier and Printing History.
  • Colour Photocopier Principles of Operation and Theory.
  • Thermal Processes & Electro-mechanical Operations.
  • Use of Tools & Instruments Used in Colour Photocopier Repairing.
  • Basic Electricity and Electronics.
  • AC, DC, Voltage, Earthing, Resistance.
  • Electrical and Electronic Components.
  • All Components Functions, Removal & Assemble-Soldering Logic.
  • All Components and PCB Testing, Digital Multi Meter using.
  • Boards Repairing and Other Component Systems Testing Logic.
  • Electrical Circuit Block Diagram.
  • Mechanical Components.
  • All Mechanical Components Functions, Removal, Checking.
  • All Components Malfunction Finding, Replacement-Repairing & Reassembly.
  • Mechanical Block Diagram.
  • Colour Photocopier all Unit, Functions, Checking Logic and Repairing Technique.
  • Colour Photocopier all Units Removal, Disassembly and Reassembly Logic.
  • Colour Photocopier Full Assemble & Disassemble.
  • Basic Networking.
  • Networking Components.
  • Networking Block Diagram.
  • Networking Hardware Installation.
  • IP & Networking Configure.
  • Networking Troubleshooting.
  • Colour Photocopier All Fault Finding and Repairing.
  • Colour Photocopier all Error Code Clear, Adjust Setting.
  • Colour Photocopier Resetting, Installation.
  • Colour Photocopier Printing Problem.
  • Colour Photocopier Mechanical Problem.
  • Colour Photocopier Electrical Problem.
  • Colour Photocopier Troubleshooting.
  • Complete Rebuilds.
  • General Maintenance.
  • Calibration Process.
The Complete Course Includes :
  • Colour Photocopier Training Course Book.
  • Colour Photocopier Service Manual DVD.
  • Colour Photocopier Driver DVD.
  • Colour Photocopier Error Code Book.
  • Tool Box.
  • Colour Photocopier Parts Catalog.
  • Colour Photocopier User Guide.
  • Colour Photocopier Service Hand Book.
  • Colour Photocopier Networking Guide.
  • And many more….
Why Should Attend The Course :
  • Ever wanted be a part of an exciting new Technical Based Career ? Certified Colour Photocopier Engineers are in High Demand and More Earning Job. Colour Photocopier Repairing one of the most rewarding and profitable technical careers available in the industry today, with the potential of owning your own business. The lack of qualified, skilled Engineers in this field is a reality. Our new Advance Colour Photocopier Engineering Course will give you all the training needed get started in your new High-Tech Career!



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